Fresh Spare Room Ideas

Fresh Spare Room Ideas

Trends towards urban living are causing space constraints for our living conditions. Housing and apartments are evolving with ever smaller living spaces. In such confined homes it can be a luxury to have an extra room for leisure or to purpose for a creative hobby. Discovering how to customize a spare room for your personal lifestyle can bring a huge uplift to your enjoyment with your home as a whole. Imagine being able to add a library or study, a kid’s playroom, a small office space, a recreation room, or a spare guest bedroom. There are many ways to use a spare room that will benefit yourself or your family and even your guests. Consider enlisting the services of a professional interior decorator or designer to aid in your pursuit to the ultimate spare room.

The world of creative possibilities is endless and only limited by your imagination. Think of your space as an extension of yourself or your family and find a novel yet practical function that will represent what is truly you. Conception requires a starting point and we have listed several innovative ideas to help you find your path.

Attic Nook Quiet Space

Many people in smaller homes have a small attic space that is unused. Most people consider the attic as a storage space or in some cases it is not used at all. Since the attic is small and inherently cozy, it is the perfect space for a quiet room used for reading or relaxing with a cup of tea. Keep things simple with this space and use minimal furnishings to prevent a feeling of being cluttered. Think comfort with a small sofa or a custom built seating structure with plushy cushions and warm blankets for those colder days. Make use of the view to direct the layout of your furniture. You may want to consider having this space as a technology free room that will provide an escape from your cell phone and television and allow you to destress with a book or quiet music.

 A Versatile Children’s Room and Guest Room

Outfit your spare room for children with appropriately sized beds, furniture and décor. When you have guests, this room can substitute for a guest room for sleeping. This works well because it has multiple uses and will not be a wasted space in the same way as if it was geared towards one objective.

A Leisure Media Room

Everybody loves a purpose built room solely for cinema, video games and general entertainment. This can be accomplished with some advanced planning for lighting, wiring and furniture. Achieving a layout that is comfortable and practical will provide a space that is suitable for many media activities.

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