Inspiration for Bathroom Wall Finishes

Inspiration for Bathroom Wall Finishes

There is much more to be done with the bathroom compared to basically just throwing your suite decorations and painting, but if you are fighting for ideas, continue reading, this is an extensive list of 5 amazing ideas to spruce up your bathroom walls. With these ideas you will be accused of hiring an interior designer, or planner, but it’s best to keep this secret to yourself if possible. Without further ado, let’s get to making your bathroom both brilliant and budget friendly.

The Classic Period Style

For a classic heritage look, try combining wood paneling and painted plaster to maximize old school retro trends. Perhaps, light colors like pastel shades will keep the style flowing, furthermore it’s best to add some authentic antique accessories. Don’t forget an oversized mirror that covers the wall. As a finishing touch it’s a good opportunity to incorporate some up cycling.

Fabulous Modern Medley

A great modern look is a combination of polished concrete with mosaic tiles. Use tiles with a laminate effect and bring your bathroom into the future. Modern materials are trendy and durable. The laminate tiles make a nice seamless joint between the wall and floor.

Use a two tone finish for this style. Your bathroom will be an instant favorite. Consider white walls and neutral colored tiles to provide the perfect effect. It will be warm and not sterile looking but bright and airy. The overall vibe will be fresh, pleasant and hygienic which is always important for bathrooms.

Use Colorful Accents

If you are dead set on using tiles, mosaic tiles can be used for all the wet areas. They will add a hint of beauty, with their smaller size and higher grout surface area. Choose your colors wisely but don’t be afraid to go big will wild and brilliant which is bold.

Minimal and Monochrome

This style will make a smaller bathroom appear much bigger. If you are space constrained then consider applying this style. To accomplish this effect, use a full mirror on one wall and use white for the other walls. Adding a tiled feature section will tie the entire scheme together. Emphasize the walls with a contrasting black or boldly colored floor.

Sterile and White

Glossy white tiles with white painted walls is a typical bathroom scheme but it is popular for a reason – it just works for bathrooms. This style is timeless and always fresh. All white is a safe bet and a classic look, and uses texture and materials to overcome the lack of color. The result is subtle but cool.

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