Briggs & Stratton Q6500 QuietPower Series Inverter Generator

Briggs & Stratton Q6500 QuietPower Series Inverter Generator

The industrial giant Briggs and Stratton have entered their version of the quiet inverter generator to the market. The portable generator has been designed with “quiet” technology to reduce noise by 60% in comparison to their standard benchmark generator. This is a feature many homeowners will appreciate when a backup source of power is required. In particular it will be useful for RV owners that must abide by stringent campground noise regulations.

The 6,500 starting watts will provide backup power during power outages and can sustain your essential home appliances and sensitive electronics. Power your refrigerator, microwave, computer and tv during power outages. There are two USB outlets for small electronics so you will not have to use one of the main outlets to charge your cell phone or table. This is also a good option to provide backup power for emergency needs such as a well pump. It seems with the recent devastation by hurricanes in many parts of the world, including the southern United States and in particular the Caribbean islands that were heavily damaged, a backup power system could be vital to provide life sustaining refrigeration for medicine or powering a well water pump.

For normal home use, the inverter technology produces power that is 60% quieter than standard generators. A protective, noise-reducing shell with an all-steel frame encloses the internal components and provides insulation to minimize noise. With a claimed noise output of 66 decibels as measured at 7 meters from the control panel side of the generator at idle, it is reasonably quiet. At idle state the noise is acceptable but at higher loads the generator becomes considerably more intrusive. In comparison to similar competitors (albeit more expensive) from Honda, the Briggs & Stratton Q6500 is not as quiet.

This generator is utilizing a very efficient 306cc integrated engine and alternator combo and will produce up to 14 hours of runtime when supporting a 25% load.

The design goals of the Q6500 are evident in it’s compact and lightweight form. Featuring a body that is 45% more compact and 30% lighter than standard generators, moving and storing this generator is not a problem. The weight is a reasonable 128 lbs and a telescoping handle makes it easy to move the generator around your garage and property.

The panel consists of multiple outlets. There are options to power a wide variety of electronics and devices at the same time with 4 -120A-20A outlets, 2 - USB outlets. This generator also has a 120/240V, 30A twist lock outlet which allows it to connect to a transfer switch. You can run an extension from the generator to the transfer switch outlet in your home.

It does not come with an electric start. It is designed to be both lighter and quieter than a standard portable generator. It is fully enclosed and compact with an easy pull starter. The 6,500 watts of start up power equates to 54.2 amps and the 5,000 watts would run at a total of 41.7 amps.

Competitors such as the Honda EU 70005 are rated at about 10% more output at 5500 watts vs 5000 watts and is heavier at 162lbs. The Honda is quieter and more expensive. The Q6500 is a good middle ground option that is cost effective and will support your backup power needs in most circumstances.

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