September 12, 2018

We’ve all been in a situation where we invite friends or family over and we’re ready to prepare an exciting new gourmet recipe for our loved ones. Sometimes we have been watching the professional chefs on tv like Jamie Oliver cut and prepare exotic dishes with ease. Then we realize we don’t have a suitable set of knives or cutlery; perhaps this gourmet meal requires precise, sharp knives and the capability to cut extremely thin slices of garlic or tackle the skin of a plump tomato that will otherwise repel a blunt knife blade.

Cangshan TN1 Series Swedish Steel Alloy Knife Handle Cutout Modern

In addition to our practical requirements, perhaps we would like a knife set that has an overall aesthetically pleasing look; sleek, shiny and original in design. The Cangshan TN1 Series 1021967 Swedish Sandvik 14C28N Steel Forged 14-Piece Knife Block set is exactly that. We currently live in a society where both minimalism and practicality are important. Technology has allowed for design cues that incorporate both form and function. This modern knife set from Cangshan not only looks amazing in your kitchen but it will elevate your culinary instincts to a new level while preparing truly professional dishes.

The set includes the following pieces:

  • 8” Chef Knife
  • 8” Bread Knife
  • 7” Santoku Knife
  • 6” Boning Knife
  • 5” Serrated Utility Knife
  • 5” Paring Knife
  • 75” Peeling Knife
  • 4 x 5” Steak Knives
  • 8” Honing Steel
  • 9” Shears
  • Maple Block 3 Piece Anchored with Strong Magnets 

A Refreshing and Uniquely Styled Knife Set

The non-traditional design of the knife handle may be an acquired taste for some. For others it provides a breath of fresh air in terms of originality and uniqueness. The hollowed-out handle creates a well-balanced, comfortable grip for the chef. The entirety of each knife is forged for toughness and finished with a CNC machined handle slot for weight and balance. It cannot be understated that this set looks extremely fancy just standing on its own. 

To compliment the unique design of the knives, the wood knife blocks also have an unconventional character. Made with hardwood maple, the three wood blocks can stand together, attached with strong magnetics on the sides, but can also stand alone, giving you the option to separate your knives. The choice is up to the chef, whether he or she is a chef by profession or just an enthusiastic amateur cook. The magnetic properties of the maple wood blocks allow for some flexibility and creativity in displaying and storing your knives. 

The exceptional grip and extremely sharp edges of this knife set are sure to motivate and inspire your next meal. Some of us need an extra push to produce something great or even simply to cook basic meals at home. Nothing is more motivating than a beautiful new knife set to jumpstart your creative juices. 

Swedish Sandvik 14C28N High-Alloy Stainless Steel

The reason the knives are so smooth and silky, but fantastically precise and sharp is because they are manufactured with a novel high-quality high-alloy Swedish steel. The choice of material in somewhat unconventional when compared to traditional German steel knives. The unique Swedish high chromium steel alloy has exceptional properties of both hardness and toughness, giving each knife a worry-free lifetime of durability.

With a hardness rating of HRC 59 on the Rockwell Hardness Scale, the 14C28N alloy will hold a sharp edge several times longer than a traditional blade.

Every knife in the set goes through a specialized series of heat treatments that is unique to its purpose. This allows for each knife to have individually tailored properties depending on its function. As a result, this attention to detail enables each of the 14 pieces in the set to be effectively customized towards a specific purpose in the kitchen. Whether you are cutting fresh lamb chops, juicy organic tomatoes, or slicing through a freshly baked loaf of bread, you can be sure that each knife piece has finely tuned properties for each purpose.

These knives are ideal for the home kitchen, whether an amateur or professional chef, these are a great addition to your countertop. One can throw out their old knives and replace them with this 14-piece set and they will be set for life. The specialized Swedish steel is durable and incomparable with the mainstream box store knives that are ubiquitous and far inferior. 

The Typical User Appreciates Quality and Minimalism

The people who will find it exhilarating using these knives could easily vary from families to big time restaurant chefs. For a parent cutting fruit and sandwiches doesn’t have to be a boring routine, it can become an adventure, a competition of how thin you can slice a piece of fruit. For new cooks, it can be the door to new meals, new experiments, and new flavors. For professionals in the culinary industry, it can become their best friend, their right hand, someone they can always rely on. You can practically cut anything, from meats to vegetables to bread, you can also peel, decorate, slice; every knife has a different purpose and every knife in the set is essential. This set is particularly ideal for anyone who appreciates the finer aspects of food. Want to eat fresh raw salmon? Grab the sashimi knife from your set and experience the true freshness of sashimi, in the comfort of your home; you’ll feel as if you’re on the boat catching the salmon thanks to this knife set! 

Care For Your Knife Set

The most stressful moment is when you are ready to eat and you have to either cut your meat or fish and your knife is blunt. The Cangshan TN1 Series 1021967 Swedish Sandvik 14C28N Steel Forged 14-Piece Knife Block Set is truly remarkable in that aspect, meaning that it doesn’t require a lot of care. It’s extremely easy to clean due to the smooth and silky steel all over it. Chefs mostly use lukewarm water and detergent to wash them, and immediately drying them and returning them to their knife block. A honing steel is an important tool in the kitchen, as it keeps your knives sharp and ready for use, although the Cangshan TN1 Series Knife Set might not necessarily get blunt so easily it’s important to maintain its sharpness by using a honing steel perhaps once a year. Fortuitously, the set comes with its own honing steel that is compatible with each knife in the set, making it straight forward to keep your knives as sharp as the first day. 

The best way to take care of your precious set is to never cut stone, metal or glass with them. Obviously, the set is excellent, extremely precise and sharp, but some things aren’t meant to be cut. It’s also imperative that you don’t cut through bone with these knives since the blades can be damaged in that case. 

Quality Comes at a Price

The cost reflects the quality and design queues chosen for this high-end knife set. It’s acceptable if we consider the character, the materials, and the no expense spared manufacturing process. The forged blade and body have a flawless finish and a precise, laser profiled edge. Representing precision, effortless beauty, smooth curves while contained in a novel but practical maple hardwood block, this set of knives is intended to impress. You will be drawn to learn how to use each piece of the set for specific function. This includes boning, peeling, paring or cutting steak or bread. The value with this set is without comparison, you will never have to go to a high-priced restaurant and spend excess amounts on a fine meal that someone else prepared. With the Cangshan TN1 Series, 14-Piece Knife Block set you can be the chef in your own kitchen. Imagine yourself impressing your friends and family and preparing those exotic meals with ease!

Cangshan TN1 Series 1021967 Swedish Sandvik 14C28N Steel Forged 14-Piece Knife Block set

With that said it’s clear to see why everyone should own a Cangshan TN1 Series 1021967 Swedish Sandvik 14C28N Steel Forged 14-Piece Knife Block set. Not only for its practicality and aesthetically pleasing exterior but also everyone has an inner chef that deserves the correct tool to bring out their hidden culinary passion. All 14-pieces, each unique, each with its own purpose, is a great addition to your home or a great starter piece for your future culinary endeavors. Moreover, who doesn’t need a good knife set? They cut well and look good; everyone should have one at home. Nothing really compares to this knife set, no other knife you have at home or at work for that matter. It really is an all-around perfect set of knives for every occasion.

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