September 19, 2018

TheSS115220400 Arbor, manufactured by Essential Hot tubs is currently probably your best choice for a luxurious spa unit that will perfectly fit inside your home.

If you’re living in the U.S., you’ll have no issues at all with the order and the delivery of this product. As of 2018, it’s shipping abroad is a bit complicated but for domestic users, getting it at your front door will be a piece of cake.

This “home oasis”, which is in my opinion is it’s best description, has everything you’re looking for in terms of quality, energy efficiency, ease of use and durability. There’s hardly anything that may possibly go wrong about it due to the reputation of its manufacturer and the use of high-end materials.

The Plug & Play connection of this Arbor model makes it an extremely easy-to-use hot tub as you can convert it into a 240V electrical unit whenever you need to. This will significantly speed up the process of water heating inside the hot tub, which is an awesome feature during the winter.

The usability and features of the SS115220400 Arbor makes it one of the top products on the markets at the moment but let’s get into some more detail about the product and it’s manufacturer first.

Product Manufacturer

This pure masterpiece of a hot tub is designed and manufactured by one of the leading U.S. companies in the field -Hot Tub Essentials.

The company is not limited to selling hot tubs only, it’s a large dealer of almost any kind of equipment and maintenance materials for hot tubs. They’ve been on the market since 2000 but their portfolio of products contains thousands of products, ranging from hot tub accessories, cleaning agents for tubs and covers to rubber ducks and water pumps.

Hot Tub Essentials is selling widely not just on the U.S. market but in Canada too. Their website is an actual treasure. There you can find any kind of information about spa and proper hot tubs usage, including  technical info and basic troubleshooting guides.

I researched the company carefully before reviewing this product and I’m sure it’s totally reliable and trustworthy. You can contact the manufacturer about any question you have and they will respond to your enquiry quickly.

Technical Details of the SS115220400 Arbor 20 Jet, Grey Granite Hot Tub

Seating Capacity

The hot tub can easily hold 5 or 6 people who will feel totally comfortable inside. I don’t find this feature as something crucial when it comes to hot tubs as it is more of a private unit. It’s rarely being used by more than 2 people.

However, if you’re planning a summer party with someone else, don’t hesitate to call over 4 to 5 guests inside the tub.

Water Capacity

The water capacity of the SS115220400 Arbor - 20 Jet is 250 gallons, which makes approximately 946 litres of water. It’s the standard amount of water capacity for a hot tub unit with this size and seating capacity.

I don’t think it will cause any issues with water bills as long as you’re using it reasonably. To calculate the number of baths to take before changing the water divide 250 by 3. And then divide this number by the number of bathers you’ll have each day. The result is the number of days after which you’ll have to change the water inside and give it a proper clean through.

Example: 250:3 = ~83. And you take 2 bathers each day, which means 83:2 = 41,5. If you bathe 2 times a day, this means every 41-42 days you’ll have to change the water and fill another 250 gallons of fresh water inside.


The dimensions of the hot tub in inches are 80.5" x 80.5" x 34.5". I find it a very suitable size for a bathroom of moderate size. You can even place the SS115220400 Arbor in your garden, as long as you have a good shelter for it.


The hot tub has 1 pump with a 1.5 HP of power, which makes it a very energy-efficient unit, considering its size and price range. During usage of the 2- jets inside, you won’t be able to notice any lack of pump power so I would say the pump is pretty decent and have not noticed any issues with it at all.


The standard voltage of the SS115220400 Arbor is 110V/15A but as I’ve already mentioned in the introduction, in case you need to plug the hot tub unit into a an electrical circuit with higher power, you can convert it into a 240V at any time.

If you do so, you will lose some of the energy efficiency but the water will get hotter at least twice faster than when using it at 110V.

Item Weight

This portable oasis isn’t lightweight, I would say. It weighs 480 pounds and cannot be moved by 1 man even with the help of elevation tools. If you will have to transport it inside your property, I strongly advise you to look for a help or pay professionals who’ll transport it to the premises where it will be installed.

Product Materials

The SS115220400 Arbor from Essential Hot Tubs is one of the best built hot tubs I’ve seen in real. It’s noticeable even if you’re not an expert that everything it’s made of is of very high quality.

  • The hot tub is molded with a granite resin of high quality which makes it a very durable with minimal need for any maintenance.
  • The 110V connection has a GFCI cord which makes it easy to plug into a 15Amp outlet and you’re ready to go.
  • Equipped with 20 stainless steel jets, the hot tub also has a two-speed pump that make you able to regulate the rate at which air is pumped through the jets. Choose a slower speed when you’re relaxing and a higher when you need to get a more dynamic massage on your body while comfortably melting in the hot tub.
  • A Digital Control Unit allows you to change the settings of the hot tub according to your taste and current mood. By interacting with the control unit, you can turn the SS115220400 Arbor into a place of relaxation for two or into a dynamic water paradise while enjoying it with a larger group of up to 6 people.
  • 1KW/4KW stainless steel Balboa heater
    The material of the heater protects it from rust that may appear after
    prolonged usage. This way it’s life expectancy is much higher than you might expect, guaranteeing trouble free usage for many years.
  • Tapered cover with locking clips - You can use it to cover the hot tub whenever you’re not using it. The cover will protect it from the elements and will also prevent contaminants or debris from falling inside. Cleanliness seems to be a priority even in the eyes of the manufacturer - Essential Hot Tubs.

Who is It Suitable For?

It would be easier to tell who it isn’t suitable for. I would recommend the SS115220400 Arbor - 20 Jet, Grey Granite to anyone with a bigger family of 3 to 6 people. If you’re in this category and personal comfort is of great importance to you, I would highly consider purchasing or at least seeing it in a store before making the purchase.

On the other side, if you’re living alone in a tiny property, this hot tub is certainly not a good investment with you. You will find it hard to install it and using it for only 1 person is like 20% of its maximum potential. 

What makes the SS115220400 Arbor Hot Tub Unique?

These are my top 10 picks. I could list more (which is something that happens rarely for a hot tub) but found these 10 perfectly enough for a product review.
The max temperature is limited to professional standards of 104 degrees;

  1. The spa heats very fast - 2 degrees per hour in a 120V circuit;
  2. It can be used in cold weather areas without any problems. Using it in 240V is recommended;
  3. You can change the voltage from 110V to 220V;
  4. Molded with quality granite - you rarely see this in a hot tub;
  5. It has a ruff finish that helps you get in and out of the hot tub without slipping;
  6. Easy to clean and maintain;
  7. Preserving temperature of the water for long hours after turning off;
  8. If paid in full within 12 you will pay no interest with Amazon;
  9. Rust-free jets made of stainless steel, as well as the Balboa heater.

Final Thoughts - Is it Worth the Money?

Definitely yes. Especially if you have the money to spare or on the other hand, manage to pay the product in 12 months and skip paying the extra interest. Amazon is great in providing this feature and If I were you I would try my best to pay the whole product in a period of 12 months. Just make sure to apply for theAmazon Store Card to use this feature.

See price for the SS115220400 Arbor Hot Tub for Essential


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