Honda EU7000iS Inverter Generator Review

Honda EU7000iS Inverter Generator Review

If you are in the market for the perfect home backup generator then you have arrived at the right place. Let me explain. There is nothing ordinary about the EU7000iS from Honda. This generator takes Honda’s legendary reputation to the next level and further improves upon its reliable predecessor - the EM6500S.

It is part of the new line of Super Quiet Series generators from Honda and does not disappoint, whether it is needed in a job-site application to run power tools, for emergency home backup during a storm power outage, or recreational camping and rv power needs, the 7000W generator from Honda is versatile and reliable.

Best Honda Generator for Home Backup

The Honda EU7000iS inverter generator has set a new standard in what can be achieved with portable power. Packed with high performance technical enhancements, the result is more power and maximum output at lower rpms while being easy to use and maintain. Don’t forget about one of the most notable features of this generator - it really is super quiet.

The acoustic engineering and completely enclosed internal structure has resulted in an evolution in what can be achieved in noise reduction for a 7000 watt generator. Sleep peacefully knowing your neighbors will not be disturbed by the near silent operation of this generator.

If you are replacing the EM6500S series generator, the EU7000 will deliver 8 percent more power at start up with the ability to run more devices simultaneously and support more powerful applications. Both generators run at a rated load of 5500W.

Honda EM6500 vs EU7000iS Specifications:

EM6500S EU7000iS
AC Output Max Load* 120/240V (54.2/27.1A) 120/240V (58.3/29.1A)
AC Output Rated Load** 120/240V (45.8/22.9A) 120/240V (45.8/22.9A)
Fuel Tank Capacity 6.2 gallons 5.1 gallons
Rated Load Run Time** 6.9 hours 6.5 hours
Reduced Load Run Time 10.4 hours (50% load) 18 hours (25% load)
Dimensions 41.4" x 27.8" x 28.3" 33.4" x 27.6" x 28.4"
Rated Load Noise Level** 66 dB 58 dB
Reduced Load Noise Level 64 dB (50% load) 52 dB (25% load)
Dry Weight 234 lbs 261 lbs

*Max Load: 6500W and 7000W for EM6500S and EU7000iS respectively

**Rated Load: 5500W

Honda GX390 EFI 389cc Engine

The Honda EU7000iS generator is powered by the Honda GX390 EFI Commercial Series engine. The 389cc engine delivers exceptionally quiet, smooth, fuel efficient performance. Smart electronic fuel injection will increase fuel efficiency and eliminate notorious engine choke and fuel associated carburetor problems. The reliable Honda GX390 engine is designed for long life and superior performance.

The Honda GX390 EFI four stroke engine provides durability and reliability. Using as overhead camshaft with a maintenance free, low noise timing belt makes the engine compact and quiet. The overhead camshaft is designed for increased efficiency, optimal power transfer, and improved fuel efficiency. Using precision engineered manufacturing for each component results in low vibration and smooth operation for the life of the engine.

Precision ball bearings support the high carbon steel crankshaft for strength and long term durability. The noise is dampened with a compact muffler. The lubrication system is innovative yet simple and enhances engine lubrication performance. The oil alert feature will signal and prevent engine start up if the oil level is too low.

Honda engines are designed and certified to use regular unleaded gasoline. Gasoline is allowed, by regulation, to contain a variety of additives. The same regulation limits how much of some additives, such as alcohol, can be included in the fuel and still allow it to be sold as gasoline. Honda engines are designed for good performance and efficient operation using gasoline containing from 0 to 10% ethanol.

Tips to keep your engine running without issues:

  • Do not use gasoline containing more than 10% ethanol in your generator.
  • Store your gasoline in a clean, plastic, sealed container approved for fuel storage. Close the vent when not in use and store the container out of direct sunlight. If the fuel in the container is not used for more than 3 months it is recommended to add a fuel stabilizer to the fuel when you fill the container.
  • Service the air filter as needed and check before use.
  • If the generator will be sitting for more than 30 days, refer to the storage guidelines in your owner’s manual.

The EU7000iS is a Super Quiet Generator

Honda Generator Noise Level Comparison Chart

The new Honda generators incorporate technology and design features that significantly reduce noise. Utilizing sound dampening materials and low vibration, Honda built engines contribute to the reduction in noise in comparison to traditional inverter generators.

The new 7000 uses an eco-throttle which further reduces noise levels. The eco-throttle optimizes engine rpm to prevent full speed operation when not required. This keeps the engine running in a lower, quieter state.

Energy Saving Eco Throttle Setting

The Honda designed Eco Throttle System further improves fuel efficiency. The EU7000iS runs between 6 to 18 hours on a single tank depending on the load, making it a great option for overnight power. Wait for the engine to warm up (usually a few seconds) before engaging the Eco Throttle Switch.

Honda Generator Fuel Consumption Comparison Chart

Eco Throttle allows the generator's engine to automatically adjust the engine speed to produce only the power needed for the application in use. Traditional generators have to run at 3600 RPM to produce 60 hertz (cycle) electricity. But generators with Eco Throttle can run at slower RPMs while maintaining frequency and power for the desired load. Eco Throttle uses a load dependant and speed control governor to automatically adjust the engine speed to the optimum level.

Because the engine does not have to run at full speed constantly, Eco Throttle can reduce fuel consumption up to 40%. It also helps to significantly reduce exhaust emissions. Engaging the eco throttle setting will automaticaly reduce engine speed when all connected loads are turned off. When appliances are reconnected, the engine will adjust to the optimal speed to power the load.

When connecting multiple appliances that draw a high electrical load it is better to turn off the eco switch to reduce voltage changes. Use the eco switch with reduced load operation or when no load is applied. This will lower the engine rpm so that it is not running at full speed constantly and will reduce noise levels resulting in much quieter operation.

Honda EU7000is Generator Eco Switch Diagram

Honda Generator Inverter Technology

The reliable inverter technology developed by Honda is applied to the electronics of this generator. Honda’s inverter technology takes the raw power produced by the generator and uses a Honda designed microprocessor to condition through a multi-step process. The inverter smooths and cleans the power to make it high quality suitable for computers and power sensitive equipment. A special microprocessor controls the entire process as well as the engine speed as demand changes.

Honda's inverter technology is renowned for providing consistent, clean power in a smaller, lighter package. The precision of Honda's inverter technology produces power that is reliable and stable like the power you get from your home outlets. You will be able to run your sensitive electronics without fear of interruption. Since computers and similar electrical equipment require consistent electrical current with a stable signal, the output from this generator is more than capable of running your devices smoothly.

Since inverters produce the cleanest power, these units are ideal for sensitive electronics, such as computers. Inverter generators offer a number of other benefits, including less noise, lower weight, and greater fuel efficiency as compared to traditional models. Honda has revolutionized the use of inverter technology in portable generators which is evident in their super quiet EU series.

Super Easy Electric Start

The electric starter works amazingly well and is a breeze to start. Pushing the start button will engage the engine instantaneously without hassle. You can be confident that it is going to start when you turn the key to the on position and push the electric start button while the engine hums to life.

A routine run schedule will keep the battery charged sufficiently and the generator will always be ready when you need it. Easy recoil starting is also available as a backup in case you lapse in keeping your battery charged.

Multiple GFCI Outlet Options for 120V and 240V

The EU7000iS has two GFCI 20 amp at 120 V duplex outlets, one 120V/240V 30A outlet, and one 120V 30A outlet. You can choose between either 120 and 240 Volts or you can select 120 Volts only using the voltage selector switch. With the 120 V setting selected, the total generator capacity is available from either of the 120 Volt outlets for more usable power.

There is one 120V/240V 30A receptacle that can be used only with the voltage selector switch set to "120V/240V". With this configuration, the 120 V and the 120 V/240 V receptacles can be used at the same time.

If you are using only 120V appliances, set the voltage selection switch to "120V Only". This will prevent your from using the 120V/240V 30A outlet. For maximum power in this configuration use the 120V 30A outlet.

Honda EU7000is Control Panel Diagram

If using this generator for home backup power, consider having a licensed electrician install a transfer switch device. This will make the generator much easier to use and is a safer way to run your home appliances. A transfer switch will connect the generator to your existing electrical wiring so you can avoid the hassle of running extension cords to your appliances.

If more power is required than supplied by a single 7000W generator, it is possible to run two Honda EU7000 generators in parallel. Look for a special parallel kit for this model and achieve up to 12,000W in startup power and 11,000W at rated load.

Honda EU7000is Generator Parallel Outlets Diagram

Use the i-Monitor display for information on hours of operation, wattage and engine speed, as well as diagnostics. This information is incredibly helpful to have for scheduling your oil changes and ensuring you are not overloading the generator as you see the wattage in real time.

The AC circuit breakers will automatically shut off if there is a short circuit or electrical overload. If this happens, check your appliances for proper operation and be sure the rated load is not exceeded. Then turn the breaker back on by pressing the button or flipping the switch.

In the event that the generator is overloaded, or an appliance has short circuited, the Red Overload Alarm will be indicated by the output indicator. If the issue persists for approximately five seconds, current to the offending appliance will be cut off. When operating normally, the output indicator light will be green. 

Honda Generator Super Quiet Diagram for Voltage 120V 240V and AC Circuits Panel

Generator is Easy to Maneuver with Wheels

The EU7000iS comes with a standard wheel kit that is designed to easily maneuver and transport the unit. The frame includes convenient folding handles that are compact but invaluable when moving your generator. The wheels are durable and capable of rolling through gravel and bumpy terrain.

Honda 7000W generator with handles extended super quiet EU7000is

Typical Applications For the Honda 7000 Generator

A portable generator provides freedom of movement and the ability to work anywhere whether it’s a job site or running a portable food stand. With the ability to supply power to operate your tools or cooking appliances, reliable power for your equipment is present wherever needed.

Many people purchase this generator solely for home backup power and emergency situations. Powering your major home appliances during a power outage is important to keep your family warm and safe. Severe weather can happen at any time and lead to an unexpected need for power.

The EU7000iS is a good solution for powering a family home. Honda's EU series generators are designed to work well with a transfer switch, enabling you to quickly and easily power essential home appliances.

A non exhaustive list of home appliances that can be powered by this generator:

  • Refrigerator or Freezer
  • Microwave Oven
  • Furnace Fan
  • Sump Pump
  • RV Air Conditioner
  • LCD Television
  • Hair Dryer
  • Coffee Maker
  • Computer/Laptop
  • Garage Door Opener
  • Blender
  • Incandescent Lights

Note: not all appliances can be powered at the same time.

Honda Inverter Generator Super Quiet 7000 watt home backup power

Use this generator for outdoor activities such as tailgating, camping, and recreational vehicle needs. Powering all your lights at night, air conditioning and cooking equipment gives you the security and freedom to enjoy the outdoors.

This Generator is a great unit, it makes the same amount of noise as the EU3000is which is already very quiet. With the settings on eco throttle, the run time is long and can easily go overnight without filling the gas tank. With the built in feet and rubberized wheels, the generator rolls fairly well on gravel and rough terrain.

The 240V option is an awesome feature that significantly increases the versatility and type of appliances that can be run. The LCD display is another great feature that gives you output wattage, engine RPM and run time hours. This information will allow you to precisely calculate when to do oil changes and will also guide your maximum loading watts to avoid going beyond its rated capacity.

Owner's Manual Honda EU7000is Generator

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