July 29, 2019

The attractively designed Jura Z6 coffee maker comes with all the features and the convenience you require to hone your barista skills. The Jura Z6 is a state-of-the-art machine that showcases Swiss innovation and indeed takes the automatic specialty coffee machines to the next level. And, we will be discussing all about this excellent coffee maker in our Jura Z6 review. 

The Z6 features the Professional Aroma Grinder, an optimized fluid system and an operating concept, which is a combination of intelligence and simplicity, offering you a superior coffee experience. The coffee maker establishes the new standard of quality and helps you get a whole wide range of specialty coffees, right from cappuccinos, lattes, fiery ristrettos to flat whites, you can get it all. With the touch of a button, you can get an impressive 22 varieties of barista specialties.

Jura Z6 Review

The key feature of the coffee maker is the PEP or Pulse Extraction Process that pulses during the brewing cycle for specialty coffee to strengthen the intensity and flavor. The Aroma Grinder delivers excellent grinding of the coffee beans and the state-of-the-art brewing process lets the aromas of the coffee develop fully and allows you to get the perfect cuppa and the fine foam technology delivers feather-light, airy milk foam. 

The Jura Z6 coffee maker is equipped with an upgraded system for the temperature of the milk and milk foam that lets you select from 10 temperature levels. The Jura Z6 also has an upgraded cleaning system. The coffee maker comes along with a kit that has a container for cleaning to wash out the milk hose properly. You can simply wash the hose and store the coffee maker away conveniently. 

The Jura Z6 is brought to you by Jura Elektroapparate AG. The Swiss company was started by Leo Henzirohs in 1931 and has its headquarters in Niederbuchsiten. The company is renowned for its automatic coffee and espresso machines and has played a very important role in shaping the industry. The company does not manufacture its own products, which is outsourced and today, Jura is represented in more than 50 countries by its joint ventures, distributors and sales companies. The brand ambassador for Jura is Roger Federer and the brand stands for innovation, quality, reliability, precision and service. 

In our Jura Z6 review, we will now take an in-depth look at the features of the incredible Jura Z6 and its pros and cons in greater detail. 


  • PEP Technology: The PEP or Pulse Extraction Process of the coffee maker is an innovative technology that optimizes the extraction time and allows even short specialty coffees such as an espresso and ristretto to be prepared with excellent breadth and intensity of aromas.
  • Professional Aroma Grinder:The Aroma Grinder delivers high-quality grind through the life of the machine and gives you 12.2% more aroma. The perfect geometry of the grinder delivers the ideal grinding curve and this allows you to get a higher quantity of fine particles in the coffee grounds, which guarantees perfect flavors.
  • New Fluid System:The new and upgraded fluid system of the Jura Z6 enables you to prepare barista-style specialty coffees of the highest quality. The system automatically mixes the hot water with the coffee after it is extracted, resulting in delicious, full-bodied long specialties that are also easy to digest.
  • Intuitive Machine: The Jura Z6 is very intuitive and has artificial intelligence, which enables the machine to identify your personal preferences and adapt the start screen automatically on the 3.5-inch TFT display. This makes the Jura Z6 unique and distinct, with the operation of the machine being quite intuitive.
  • Attractive Design:The Jura Z6 has a very attractive Diamond Black design that displays its sophisticated beauty. The hi-tech 2-process method delivers surfaces that have a lot of depth and just looking at the coffee maker can give you plenty of joy.
  • Innovative Nozzle Technology:The innovative nozzle of the coffee maker enables you to prepare compact, airy and fine milk foam. The Jura Z6 automatically switches from the milk to the milk foam. You can also adjust the temperatures of the milk and milk foam as you desire with the touch of a button.

Jura Z6 Review

  • Ease of Use:The Jura Z6 is a very intuitive machine and is extremely easy to use. The coffee maker, as well as the filter cartridge, are linked wirelessly by RFID technology and the machine recognizes the filter automatically and selects the suitable settings.
  • Superior Functionality: The coffee maker has compact dimensions and packs superior performance in its compact size. All the buttons to control the machine are located conveniently in the front and are easily accessible. You can also conveniently remove the water tank and also refill the coffee bean container from the front. You can also rename the specialty coffees as you want and position them on the start display screen.
  • Easy Maintenance: The coffee maker is extremely easy to clean and maintain. 


  • The PEP technology optimizes the extraction time and allows you to make a range of specialty coffees with excellent intensity, as well as a breadth of aromas.
  • You can make an impressive range of 22 specialty coffees with the Jura Z6 and you can choose from 10 milk and milk foam temperatures.
  • The coffee maker is extremely intuitive in operation and very easy to use.
  • The cleaning and maintenance of the coffee maker are very easy.
  • Sophisticated but easy to use milk frothing system.
  • Quiet operation. 


  • Quite pricey.
  • The coffee maker is quite large and bulky.
  • Users find that the rinse cycle is quite aggressive and it rinses quite often. 

Sophisticated and Easy to Use

If you like starting your day with a strong cup of coffee, then the Jura Z6 can be your favorite barista. The IWF technology ensures that the water used is pure and the revolutionary PEP technology ensures that your coffee is robust and delicious. The rinse cycles make the cleaning of the machine very easy and improve its longevity by preventing the buildup of scale. However, users find the price tag of the Jura Z6 quite hefty. Now that you have understood all the features of the coffee maker in our Jura Z6 review, if you love barista-style coffees, then you may find that the automatic Jura Z6 espresso machine is worth the investment.

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