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Complete Guide to Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

We all need cleaning products in our home as they are something of a necessity, but have you stopped to consider the extensive impact that they’re having on the earth. The supermarket is stocked with cleaning products from all sorts of companies that normally contain chemicals that are abusive to the environment. In order to prevent further damage to not only the planet, but our health, we must re-consider how we manufacturer these products and as the consumer we must take a stand against the worst offending products.

Many of us our looking to change our lifestyle such that it promotes more eco-friendly products. Along this journey, cleaning products in your home are the perfect place to start.

Making this change is not as complicated as we might initially think. Sometimes knowing the best products can be an overwhelming exercise involving mountains of research. There are many products available that can change the direction of your cleaning routine to one that leaves much less impact on the planet. Start towards a green home today with some of the thoroughly researched products we have outlined below.

Most of the well known cleaning products available in nearly every popular supermarket promote cleaners with toxic chemicals. The warning that comes with these products advises us to use protective safety equipment such as gloves or even breathing apparatus to protect our skin and lungs from the fumes that can negatively impact our health. Regular use of these chemicals – namely the worst offending products – has been shown in scientific studies to be equivalent to smoking 10-20 cigarettes per day over a twenty year time frame. To make matters worse, these chemicals are simply washed down the drain of the kitchen sink or flushed down the bathroom toilet. This creates a significant hazard to the delicate environment, upsetting the eco-system that so many of the earths precious marine life depend.

Substituting your chemical based cleaning products with plant derived products is a much better solution for the environment. Natural cleaning products for the home typically contain safer ingredients such as essential oils which can be an effective antibacterial substitute that doesn’t require toxic chemicals. Other safe ingredients include sodium bicarbonate or baking soda, sugar-based biodegradable alcohol and also vinegar. Many of these products are natural and already present in most homes. Learning how to use them in your cleaning routine will make great strides to a cleaner, healthier home.

At Eco Sweet Home, our objective is to educate and offer better choices to everyone. Sometimes the research phase is the most overwhelming and we aim to break down and simply what every consumer can do to protect our precious eco-system. We provide the vital information necessary to make informed decisions. Transition today to a chemical free lifestyle.

The next time you are shopping, consider substituting for the following products in your home:

  • biodegradable garbage bags
  • biodegradable dish cloths
  • multi-purpose cleaners
  • bathroom cleaners

Try some of the top eco brands on the market:

  • ecostore
  • Green Addict
  • BioBag

If you believe you are ready to get rid of the chemicals in your home but are not sure where to start we will guide you through our favorite eco-friendly cleaning products for the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room.

Eco Friendly Bathroom Cleaning Recommendations

There are many great eco-friendly products for cleaning the bathroom. Some are favorites are versatile and effective. Consider the Bathroom and Shower cleaner from ecostore. Use this cleaner for your shower, tiles, sink, bathtub, glass and chrome. It will eliminate dirt and soap residue and leave a super shiny finish. There is a great option from Koala Eco called the Multi-Purpose Bathroom Cleaner. It is plant based and free from phosphates, chlorine, ammonia and other chemicals. The product is scented with eucalyptus and it is possible to purchase refill sizes. Green Addict has an effective toilet cleaner called Bowlderise that is designed to take care of toilet cleaning and can also be used for septic tanks.

Green Cleaning Products for the Kitchen

The kitchen involves many types of cleaning needs, from the dishwasher, to rinsing dishes, cleaning floors and countertops. Consider Dishwashing Tablets from ecostore for friendly plant based tablets that dissolve and leave a fragrance free clean. When cleaning the kitchen it is possible to use a biodegradable cloth that can be reused and is made from sustainable materials. They can last for up to six months and be disposed conscious free. You may want to add a composter to your kitchen routine. With a smaller backyard or even an apartment, you can compost your waste from the kitchen with an Urban Composter. For cleaning surfaces like your countertop, use an all purpose cleaning solution. We recommend the All-Purpose Cleaning Kit from a company called Resparkle. This kit includes everything you need to keep a spotless kitchen including a multi-purpose spray, microfiber cloths and a copper bristle. Use the refillable option to cut down on plastic waste. Consider biodegradable cleaning brushes that can be deposed afterwards to the composter.

Laundry Detergent the Lessons Harm to the Environment

Laundry is at least a weekly task but unfortunately, traditional cleaning products are not safe for the earth. The typical hard chemicals used in detergents are unfriendly for marine life and bio-system. Use natural soaps that can effectively clean and remove stains. A great product to try for your next batch of laundry comes from That Red House and is called soapberries. They are the fruit of a natural tree and being a completely natural soap they still compete with the best detergents for cleanliness. For another alternative, you should consider the Laundry Soaker and Stain Remover that is produced from ecostore. It is perfect for getting the hard to remove stains from your dirtiest clothes. These products are also easy for people with sensitive skin. You will notice a difference when putting on your clothes after they are freshly washed with these eco friendly detergents.

Look for products that can remove microplastics and microfibers from your clothing. This helps keep the eco-system free of these harmful materials. Use them in your washing machine to eliminate or reduce the micro particles from your clothing. Lower the impact on the food chain that depends on a clean environment that is not contaminated with micro plastics. Afterall, in the end, humans end up consuming them in the food products we eat. Needless to say, the health of all involved can be dramatically improved by eliminating microplastic contamination in the natural environment.

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