Dyson Animal 2 Pet Hair Vacuum

Everyone loves their pets. For many of us they are our most loyal and loving companions. Caring for cats and dogs means there is plenty of hair collecting in the home. Whether it’s your carpet, sofa or the most obscure corners of your home, pet hair accumulates quickly and presents a challenge to every home owner. Aside from the difficulty in removing pet hair, it also has the drawback of affecting people with allergies. Managing your home to remove pet hair regularly is important for our health.

For pet owners that are lucky enough to not suffer from pet allergies, they still must keep shedding pet hair under control. Accumulation happens rapidly on everyone from furniture to clothes. This is a constant annoyance of owning pets.

Dyson Pet Vacuum

Since shedding hair is a natural process for our favorite fluffy friends, as diligent pet owners, we must do our best to manage the extra pet hair in our home. The most effective line of defense for this job is vacuum that is purposefully designed to respond to pet hair. The vacuum is the best option for a first pass and is effective for carpeted areas, but hardwood and ceramic floors will benefit from a quick and thorough mopping. There are many steam mops that are up to the task.

The task of vacuuming pet hair requires a specially designed vacuum that has sufficient suction capabilities. Most normal vacuums are not up to the task. This is where companies like Dyson come to the rescue with their specialized animal vacuums. Suction and filters are both capable of handling large volumes of pet hair.

Even though many companies have a specialized vacuum cleaner for pet hair, the engineers have come up with many different options and style to handle the task. Running the gamut from upright to canister – all around pet vacuums are not limited in choice. Consider that cannister vacuums are easier to maneuver in tight spaces as compared to upright vacuums. Another popular style is the upright cordless stick vacuum which are also a worthy opponent to pet hair.

If you are looking for additional ways to combat pet hair and keep the air quality in your home clean, consider investing in a good air purifier. Especially for allergy sufferers, an air purifier will aid in combating your pet’s tendency to shed copious amounts of hair in your home.

Also consider using a HEPA vacuum if you are an allergy sufferer but don’t have pets. HEPA filter will dramatically reduce the amount of allergens in the air.

The Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum

One of the latest vacuum models from Dyson is the Animal 2. It has been designed to replace both the DC Animal 1 and the Cinetic Big Ball Animal which were previously some of the best vacuums for pet hair. Dyson claims that the new Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum has the most powerful suction capability of any other pet hair vacuum on the market. One of the key metrics for any vacuum is how much power it generates for sucking up dirt and pet hair. When it comes the Animal 2, it seems there are no rivals at the moment. The incredible 270 air watts of suction produced by the Dyson Animal 2 makes it a weapon against dirt, debris, and hair coating the surfaces of your home. This unit is powerful and is indeed the strongest performer that Dyson has produced for tackling pet hair.

We all know that marketing has become a prominent force in standing out in the crowded pet hair vacuum market. Dyson has led the way in marketing their unique technologies and have successfully captured the attention of consumers in this space. The top performance of this vacuum can be attributed to several of these features. The Radial Root Cyclone technology that is incorporated into the Animal 2 creates the powerful vortex inside the machine which produces the incredible suction. Dyson has tapped into the physics of circular air movement to make their vacuum stand out in the marketing world and it has been a success.

Various novel technologies are abound in this machine and the self-adjusting base plate cleaner is another leading example. The head of the vacuum is capable of maintaining a tight distance with the floor. This allows for deeper penetration into carpet and minimal air leakage. By keeping close contact with the floor surface, the effects from the powerful suction are amplified and allows for even the most stubborn pet hair to be enthralled.

Of course, having such a powerful machine wouldn’t be quite as useful if it only managed floor surfaces. The Dyson is indeed capable of utilizing it’s powers to keep all surfaces in your home from pet hair, including sofas, beds, chairs, and even clothing. The turbine attachment has two heads that rotate in opposite directions. It is designed such that is doesn’t tangle and is very effective at removing matted hair from nearly any surface or material including softer fabrics.

What pet vacuum would be complete without a grooming tool attachment. The Dyson Animal 2 come through with an optional grooming attachment that can be used to get the loose hair from your fluffy dog before it sheds all over your home.      

Other marketing jargon that promotes the unique features of this vacuum is the Ball Technology. Since the base of the vacuum is spherical, it becomes much easier to pull and push around the floor. In particular, tight spaces are super easy to navigate when compared to similar competitors.

The price is a bit higher for this vacuum, but it comes with lifetime HEPA filtration system. Containing airborne allergens and pollen is a boon for allergy sufferers. You will be surprised by the air quality difference when vacuuming if you have either asthma or other allergies. Filters do not need to be washed or replaced and the vacuum has been designed to never loose suction. This is the result of the pre-motor filter engineered into this machine.

The Dyson Animal 2 is money well spent for dog and cat owners. It performs as advertised and is among the best at removing pet hair from almost any surface. The motor is powerful, the machine is versatile and easy to maneuver, and it is fully loaded with HEPA filtration. 

Specifications For the Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum:

 Dimensions: 42 x 13 x 15 inches

 Suction Power: 270AW (air watts)

 Bin Volume: 0.55 gallons

 Filtration: Non-washable lifetime HEPA filter

 Weight: 17.3 pounds

 Cord Length: 35 feet

 Warranty: Five years parts and labor

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