AquaKing Tankless

AquaKing Trident - Condensing Tankless Water Heater - Propane (LPG)

Brand: AquaKing Tankless


  • Condensing Technology - The AquaKing Trident uses exhaust gas to preheat incoming water for added efficiency.
  • This heater can be vented Horizontally or Vertically using 2" Solid Core Schedule 40 PVC/CPVC
  • >92% Energy Rating - 3.4 GPM @ 45F Rise In Ambient Temperature
  • Freeze Protection & Horizontal Stainless Steel Vent Pipe Included
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Publisher: AquaKing Tankless

Details: The Trident is the first condensing model by AquaKing Tankless. By using the exhaust gases to preheat the inlet water, the Trident reaches efficiency levels pushing upwards of 92%. The addition of the condensing heat exchanger allows for the capture and draining of the acidic condensation through the condensation drain tube. With the low temp exhaust gases due to the condensing heat exchanger, this unit can be vented using 2" Solid Core Schedule 40 PVC/CPVC pipe. This allows for vertical or horizontal venting with a maximum length of 30ft of vent pipe. We include a stainless steel horizontal vent pipe for applications that allow horizontal venting. Freeze protection and exhaust flapper are included. The exhaust flapper closes when the unit is static, preventing cold air back-drafts in the winter months. Extensively tested in our USA laboratory and in our own homes, this model delivers up to 3.4 gallons per minute (at a 45F temperature rise) of consistent and continuous hot water. This unit is an excellent choice for conservative minded persons living in homes with one or two baths. Fully-automatic operation. Simply turn on the water faucet or shower and hot water will arrive in a few moments. After the tap is turned off, the Trident will automatically extinguish itself. >92% efficiency - 3.4 GPM @ 45F temperature rise - 1/2" NPT male for both Water and Gas connections - 27" x 14.25" x 7"

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