Bosch Thermotechnology

Bosch Electric Tankless Water Heater

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Brand: Bosch Thermotechnology


  • 26.9 kW tankless whole house electric water heater provides hot water when needed, for as long as needed
  • Polymer encased elements & built-in flow sensor ensures constant output temperature
  • Can be installed virtually anywhere for commercial or residential applications
  • 97% thermal efficiency with minimal stand-by loss
  • External temperature control knob & superior temperature stability and control

Publisher: Bosch Thermotechnology Corporation

Warranty: 10 year heating module /1 year parts

Details: The compact and powerful BOSCH WH27 Tronic 6000 will supply your entire house with hot water when and where you need it. This tankless electric water heater works "on-demand" to eliminate the wait for hot water. This heater works at 97% thermal capacity, reducing any stand by water loss. The built-in flow sensor ensures a constant output temperature across all applications. This heater delivers hot water to 1-3 major applications at a time, anywhere from a residential home to an office space. GPM output at temperature rise of: 75 degrees: 2.4 output, 60 degrees: 3.0 output, 45 degrees: 3.5 output.

UPC: 052575030517

EAN: 0052575030517