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EZ Supreme Tankless Water Heater - 6.4 GPM - Propane LPG - Indoor Whole Home - Direct Vent Exhaust Included

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Brand: EZ Tankless


  • 165,000 BTU - Propane (LPG)
  • Provides Enough Hot Water For upto a 4 Bath Home
  • Easy To Use LCD Control Panel with Constant Temperature Settings
  • Direct Vent Dual Chamber Intake/Exhaust Provided Free with Purchase
  • 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee - 1 Year Free Product Replacement Warranty

Publisher: EZ Tankless

Details: After two years of extensive real-life consumer-testing in USA homes, we now offer our most powerful model, the EZ Supreme. This unit was designed from the outset to suit the needs of most larger American homes, and is a rugged and well made heater, with components designed to offer many years of reliable service for our customers. This heater is capable of supplying a constant supply of hot water to a home with up to 4 bathrooms. It actually delivers 6.4 gallons per minute of continuous hot water, and although impossible to do a direct comparison, makes an ideal replacement for up to a 100 gallon storage tank water heater. Savings in energy use will be immediately noticeable and you will never run out of hot water. EZ Supreme will deliver all the hot water you need, as you need it, and has no standby losses! The appliance white exterior and slim modern design, featuring an easy to use digital control panel, this model does not look out of place mounted anywhere in your home while opening up space vs a tank type. The compact size and high output are only possible thanks to an advanced induction process, which is called direct vent. This feature utilizes a sealed dual-chamber forced air intake and exhaust pipe (flue). This specially designed exhaust, comes included for free, is a sealed system that runs the hot exhaust horizontally at a 94° angle through a side wall, leaving the outer pipe chamber as a cold air intake, thus the flue serves two distinct purposes. Additionally, the intake air coming into the heater from the flue is first drawn into a large chamber built into the heater body where it travels down through the back side of the heater before being drawn into the combustion chamber. This design captures ambient heat that radiates from the combustion process, thus pre-heating the incoming combustion air which increases the efficiency even more!

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